Application of advanced software system in jujube production line
Application of advanced software system in jujube production line
Jan 13, 2022

A full-automatic jujube production line needs an advanced software system. With a perfect software system, we can master the operation data of the jujube production line at any time and make the jujube production line meet our design requirements. The jujube production line includes five systems: safety error prevention control system, CIP report system, production management system, equipment management system and quality management system. The safety error prevention control system can monitor the operation of the production line, timely reflect the production situation of the production line through various data, and timely find and correct errors. CIP system mainly deals with the cleaning of important equipment of the whole production line, so that the cleaning of production equipment can be carried out at any time, so as to meet the needs of efficient production. The production management system mainly ensures the output and effect of the production line. Through this system, our production line can complete the production demand as planned. The equipment management system mainly displays the state of important production equipment to ensure the stable working state of production equipment. The quality management system can check the status of products at any time, so as to ensure the quality of products produced by the production line. With these five software systems, we can realize the efficient operation of jujube production line, and meet our product quality requirements and fully automated operation objectives for jujube production line.

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