Important equipment in jujube production line
Important equipment in jujube production line
Jan 13, 2022

There are many important equipment in a complete industrialized jujube production line. The first is the screening equipment. A large number of jujubes are automatically screened by the automatic roller screening machine, so that the fruits of similar size can enter the next process. In this way, the efficiency of the production line can be maximized, and the fruits of different sizes can be screened out. Then, another important equipment in the red jujube production line is the precooking machine, which digests the fruit to make the pulp easier to handle. The precooked jujube can be pulped with the beating equipment. The high-speed beating machine can process a large number of red jujubes in a very short time. In this link, The red jujube products on the production line are the mixture of jujube mud and fruit core. We separate the jujube mud and fruit core through the separation equipment. Then, we use the deep shrinkage equipment to treat the jujube mud, extract the concentrated juice, and make the red jujube production line get the final finished product through the filtration and sterilization process. Finally, We use an automatic packaging machine to pack fruit juice or jam of different capacities, and then we can leave the factory.

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