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Shanghai Beyond Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional technology developing enterprise which mainly engaged in healthy equipment fields. Combined with R& D, procedure design service, turnkey base project,equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and training...
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Milk beverage processing line
Milk beverage is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Milk beverage processing line includes many food machinery. Benyou provides customized cold weather crystal ball processing production line on demand, including high-speed sugar melting system, vacuum cooking sol system, crysta...
Mango pulp processing line
Mango pulp processing production line is a complete fruit processing line. Benyou provides customized mango processing production line, including mango cleaning, sorting and transportation, peeling and coring, beating, degassing, homogenization, sterilization and other section equipment. ...
New tea beverage processing equipment
In recent years, new tea beverage are deeply loved by consumers with their high-quality taste and experience. The market scale of new tea beverage is expanding and is in a period of rapid development. The new tea is mainly reflected in the word "new". Compared with the traditional mi...
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