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Shanghai Beyond Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional technology developing enterprise which mainly engaged in healthy equipment fields. Combined with R& D, procedure design service, turnkey base project,equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and training...
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Mango & pineapple processing line
Description: Mango and pineapple is a famous tropical fruit, Because of its delicate flesh, unique flavor, which is very popular and known as the "king of tropical fruit" fishery. Complete plant of mango and pineapple processing equipment including following procedures, washing the fresh m...
Apple & pear processing line
Description: China is the world's largest producer of apples and pears The end product is divided into transparent juice, cloudy juice ,NFC fresh nature juice, and juice concentrate. Complete plant of apples and pears processing equipments include washing ,crushing, squeeze extractor, enzy...
Aseptic tubular UHT sterilizer
Scope of application: Pulp、vegetable pulp、concentrated pulp and materials containing particles、fibers、etc Mainly used for aseptic filling packing types products, such as Tetra paper brick, Tetra paper Pillow, aseptic soft plastic bag, aseptic PET bottles, especially used for ...
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