Production workshop of Beyond Machinery
Production workshop of Beyond Machinery
Feb 28, 2023

Beyond Machinery has large-scale and technologically advanced production workshops. Advanced processing equipment allows Beyond Machinery to produce high-quality processing line equipment. These workshops mainly include blanking workshop, canning workshop, finishing workshop, sterilization workshop, large-scale equipment comprehensive workshop, conveying equipment workshop, mainframe workshop, fruit processing workshop, electrical workshop, electric control workshop and warehouse.

Blanking workshop
Equipment: bending machine, shearing machine, profile library, coil library, screen opener, turret punch, 2 laser cutting machines, automatic tubesheet welding machine.
All the plate accessories are not landed, and the material is realized with one material and one code to achieve the traceability management of the material.
The sheet stock is sufficient to ensure the delivery on time.
Han's laser cutting machine: high precision, fast cutting speed. The plate is less heated, reducing the molecular structure changes caused by the heat treatment of the plate, improving the product quality, and the utilization rate of the plate can reach more than 85% in cost control. The cutting thickness is 1-30mm, the cutting speed is 50m/min-0.4m/min, the cutting thickness of stainless steel is 1-25mm, and the cutting speed is 50m/min-0.5m/min.
Laser tube-sheet integrated cutting machine: easy to operate: it can achieve efficient and accurate curved surface cutting, automatic deviation correction function, and find the pipe center.

HH-GFL TIG welding system: It is mainly used for girth welding of pipe and flange butt joint, with beautiful welding and high efficiency.

Can-making workshop
Equipment: 2 spinning machines, 3 large automatic welding equipment, flaw detection room, sandblasting room, 4 automatic polishing machines.
Horizontal automatic welding equipment, longitudinal automatic welding equipment, horizontal circumferential automatic welding equipment:
Welding process: plasma arc welding (PAW)+argon arc welding (TIG), with high welding efficiency, can realize one-sided welding and two-sided forming, and obtain beautiful weld. The welding speed is fast, and the time of plasma arc welding is 4-5 times shorter than that of manual argon arc welding.

Plasma welding can directly penetrate 8mm steel plate, reduce the number of welding passes and further improve the weld quality.

Finishing workshop
Equipment: lathe, gantry milling, vertical machining center, CNC lathe, grinder, etc
Key points: Okuma four-axis CNC gantry milling imported from Japan: high machining accuracy, the minimum four-axis mechanical accuracy can reach 0.005M, and the cutting speed can reach 4000mm/min.

Vertical machining center: the emulsified head is integrally carved without welding.

Sterilization workshop
This workshop can debug and verify the sterilizer, and guide and explain the equipment during on-site production.
Sufficient spare parts, especially imported components and parts, solve the problem of long procurement cycle and timely service, and protect new projects and customers' after-sales service at any time.
Consumables management: replace the old with the new. The old standard reduces the consumption from 3.1% to 1.9%.
(Price of consumables/percentage of stock-in output value)
ERP materials are pushed in advance, and the material controller directly delivers them to the operation site.
Large equipment comprehensive workshop
The height along the entrance of the plant is 22m, the lifting height is 19m, and the lifting weight is 36+10T
Large evaporators and tanks are assembled in this workshop to ensure the construction period.
Workshop B: conveyor, mainframe, fruit processing
The core host equipment is prepared in batches.
The welded structural parts of the frame are manufactured in advance, which releases the stress of the equipment and further improves the product quality.
The laboratory has all experimental conditions such as pure water, steam, clean steam, ice water, etc. It plans to build various process experimental equipment and provide customers with various process verification for free.
Workshop A: electrician group
It can provide personalized non-standard design and show customers the manufacturing standard of our electric control cabinet on the wall.

You can show the display brand to the customer, open the door of the electric cabinet to show the customer the line installation, etc. The working surface is not allowed to have a wire head. In order to achieve high-quality and direct after-sales service for customers, the after-sales service will not be affected by suppliers.

Beyond electric control room
Except for high-voltage power distribution, this part is independently designed and completed by Beyond
Each of the seven workshops has its own power consumption statistics (meter reading system), which can form a report of output value and power consumption.
The air conditioning system is controlled by the outdoor temperature (no power supply at 15-25 ℃)

The working mode and visiting mode of the lighting system are controlled in different areas and time in the whole plant.

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