Enterprise culture and academic exchange of BEYOND Machinery
Enterprise culture and academic exchange of BEYOND Machinery
Feb 15, 2023
Let employees realize their dreams, create value for customers, be respected by peers, and lead the development of the industry.

Adhering to the enterprise values of "integrity, hard work, innovation and efficiency" and taking quality, innovation and service as the core of the enterprise's growth and development, BEYOND has accumulated excellent industry reputation in the industry, and won a number of qualifications and honors inside and outside the industry. Key certificates display: Shanghai BEYOND, Jiangsu BEYOND high-tech enterprises, specialized and special new certificates, the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Ministry of Education medal, the Board of Directors of the School of Food, Jiangnan University, the Board of Directors of the College of Biotechnology, etc.

Employee growth stage
The development of enterprises has gone through different periods, and the transformation and promotion of employees' thinking has also gone through different stages. At BEYOND, we can summarize the above three stages:
1. Superimposing management thinking from technical thinking
2. From point thinking to systematic thinking
3. From management thinking to business thinking

These photos also reflect the various processes of employee activities, learning, training and growth of BEYOND Development.

Academic exchange
BEYOND has actively carried out technical exchange and scientific research project cooperation with universities and industry associations, and has cooperated with Jiangnan University, China Agricultural University, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Yangzhou University, Hefei University of Technology, Xuzhou Institute of Engineering, Jinan Fruit Research Institute, etc. for many times.

It also has close exchanges with various industry associations: China Beverage Industry Association, China Dairy Industry Association, China Pharmaceutical Equipment Association, China Fermentation Industry Association, etc., so that the company's product R&D direction and technology application ability can maintain competitive advantage and forward-looking in the industry.

Cooperative partner

Since its establishment in 2005, BEYOND has created value for more than 1500 customers. Customers are all around us in various food fields, and they have made remarkable achievements in their respective fields.

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