Mini milk processing line on large farms
Mini milk processing line on large farms
May 8, 2023

There are farms of different sizes around the world, and for small farms, they can also have their own milk processing lines. The new production methods will enable farm operators to truly and quickly make money, thereby rapidly changing their production methods and lifestyles.

Linna from Kazakhstan has 140 cows and produced 500 tons of milk last year. Her milk processing line includes 6 milk processing modules. Her milk processing plant has been built on top of an abandoned meat factory, which was previously used for meat processing. Therefore, there is an existing sewage treatment and water supply network, power transmission lines, and so on, which saves a lot of investment.

The mini milk processing line is designed to process 4 tons of milk per day, and its milk capacity is currently only 2000 liters. However, the 50 farmers operating in the region have expressed their willingness to hand over fresh milk to Linna's milk processing plant, and it is expected that her milk processing line will further increase production.

Mini milk processing line

Linna said, "We not only work hard for ourselves, but also bring hope for more farmers to increase their income. For example, I am currently processing 5 barrels of milk at 14 rubles per liter and allowing them to receive money immediately. I hope to have greater milk production capacity.In addition to packaged milk, the factory will also produce white cheese, sour cream, and butter. Linna has received many dairy order calls now, and her customers highly recognize her various dairy products.

Linna pointed out that due to the national subsidies provided by the Ministry of Agricultural Sales and the Ministry of Economic Development, Linna will receive her first huge loan. She also received a startup subsidy. After receiving the funds, they immediately invested in the business - expanding the farm and mechanizing the production process. Everything on the farm has been automated. The entire work is managed by four people.

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