Laboratory micro homogenizer
Laboratory micro homogenizer
Mar 22, 2023

Inlet and outlet pressure display;

Pipeline feeding mode for CIP cleaning;

Double plunger design, with RE-type ceramic homogenizing valve material;
Two-stage homogenization valve, adjustable pressure range: 0-600 bar;
Hand wheelfor manual adjustment of homogenization pressure, with pressure continuous adjust-
Continuous feeding, with standard processing capacity 20L/h or 50L/h optional;

Pressure range 20-60MPa optional;
Compression head made of high-quality, high-strength, and corrosion-resistant SAF2507;
Double phase stainless steel;
Sanitary diaphragm pressure gauge with high-precision digital display;
Specially designed solid ceramic plunger, equipped with special seals and sealing gaskets, nolubrication required;

PT-100 temperature sensor
Pressure display
Pressure protective type manual relief valve with forced opening handle

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