Experimental sterilizer YunYi-23 Automatic Type Configuration table
Experimental sterilizer YunYi-23 Automatic Type Configuration table
Mar 22, 2023
Integrated design, compact,Save space, small in size, can move flexibly;
The equipment system has a built-in hot water generator and can be connected to post-homogenization and aseptic fillig as needed;
lt can record various data and implement printing,online recording, downloading, generate curve analysis and permanently save the data.
It can meet the requirerments of various small-scale experiments with a minimum feeding amount of around 20 kg.
The copplete experimental data reordin is conducive to guidig pilot and large-scale producton, as well a it can be usedfor small-scale proessig and teachine purposc.
High degree of automation, simple operation, easy to master;

Low requirements for public energy configuration.

Thesterilizaion emperaure is srictly contolled NWien sterilizaion tempernture is lower than th set lower limt,th timer will stop counting and reset to strictly ensure the steri-ization effects of equipment.

●indicates the presence of the configuration; o indigates the absence of the configuration;
ln ordr to beter met customer needs, BEYOND contimuously conductsresearch and deveopment and improvement on the equipment. Some confgurations and specificationsof the models sold in the market may differ from this configuration table. Please refer to the actual machine for specific details.
This configuration table is effective as since February 2023.
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