Exhibition Focus, CBST2023 Beverage Industry Grand Ceremony Held!
Exhibition Focus, CBST2023 Beverage Industry Grand Ceremony Held!
Apr 10, 2023

Long awaited, grand opening. On April 7-9, 2023, the "CBST2021/CBST2023 China International Beverage Industry Technology Exhibition" hosted by the China Beverage Industry Association was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As an excellent exhibitor in the field of health equipment, BEYOND Machinery has participated in the exhibition as scheduled. Booth number 2A02. BEYOND Machinery brings innovative products and advanced technology together with new and old customers to share new opportunities for cooperation and development in the beverage industry.

BEYOND Machinery has been focusing on the field of health equipment for 18 years, including many leading domestic and foreign enterprises choosing BEYOND to provide pre-treatment equipment solutions. This exhibition brings multiple mechanical equipment with independent intellectual property rights to the exhibition, looking forward to shining more sparks with you in the beverage industry!

Exhibition scene

At this CBST exhibition, the BEYOND team comprehensively explained to customers various innovative technologies and solutions in the field of health equipment, such as dairy beverage production lines, juice processing lines, and biological fermentation production lines, empowering food and beverage enterprises to enhance their core competitiveness in the digital economy environment and win greater success! At the same time as the exhibition, we also demonstrated the principle and internal structure of the equipment to customers in the form of animations, cooperated with professional explanations, and combined with on-site engineering cases to provide customers with a flexible viewing experience in various forms.

BEYOND Machinery appeared at the exhibition and received widespread attention from many enterprises in the beverage industry. Everyone actively came to negotiate cooperation. BEYOND's professional technical and sales team provided detailed explanations to customers regarding equipment characteristics and usage issues.

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