Tomato processing line Tomato jam production equipment Tomato paste processing machine
Tomato processing line Tomato jam production equipment Tomato paste processing machine
Aug 10, 2022

Tomato is not only a delicious fruit, but also a raw material for all kinds of food. The tomato processing line can process tomatoes on a large scale, so as to process perishable fruits into fruit products that are easy to preserve and transport. We design and manufacture special processes and machines for tomato paste, tomato paste, tomato paste and tomato juice. We can provide a complete set of tomato processing plants and a single processing machine to meet specific requirements.

Washing and classification of tomato processing line

The front end of the tomato processing line is the washing and classification of tomatoes, which is mainly used to receive the complete production line of tomatoes in water. It is equipped with a mud treatment system, a bottom scraping and blade removal system, and a roller type.

Beating and refining of tomato processing line
After rapid preheating in our hot and cold crushing system, the chopped tomatoes are sent to the pulper, thus ensuring very soft refining.
Ketchup concentration

In order to concentrate tomato juice into tomato paste, we have developed a multi effect evaporator, which is a forced circulation evaporator. It can be used according to the capacity of the factory and can produce up to five effects.

Sterilization and filling
Tomato paste can be sterilized by a special tubular fruit sterilizer.
After sterilization, since the equipment uses sterile packing, the products can be packed in sterile bags, barrels or boxes.
Tomato sauce and vegetable sauce

A variety of products can be produced through the tomato processing line. We have developed a special tomato sauce and vegetable sauce production line. All fruit and vegetable production lines are fully customized to meet the international requirements of customer formula and food hygiene.

Tomato paste processing machine

Factory cleaning

All tomato processing lines are designed according to international food grade requirements and are completely cleaned by using integrated cleaning procedures and systems or centralized fully automatic CIP systems. Through optimization design, the energy consumption and environmental impact of tomato processing line are reduced to the lowest level.

The tomato processing line can be designed and manufactured according to the needs of customers, and fully meet the needs of customers in terms of output and investment. The tomato processing line can not only process tomatoes, but also process other similar berries.
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