Instruction for scraper refiner
Instruction for scraper refiner
Jul 1, 2021
Main usage: Scraper refiner is mainly used for the separation of juice from the crushed citrus pulp and fiber to improve the juice yield.
Scope of application: Separation for citruspulp fiber.
Main feature:
Machine support designed with whole frame welding structure, good rigidity and small vibration.
The waste drainage gate designed with air cylinder adjusting structure, it can separate the juice much more completely by adjusting the air cylinder pressure.
All stainless steel manufacturing, comply with food hygiene standards.
Designed with auto cleaning interface, built-in multi-angle sprinkler, high degree of cleaning automation.
Can be equipped in a processing line, auto production with low labor intensity.
The machine design with complete close structure except the product inlet and outlet, good safety performance. 
Working environment:
The scraper refiner better working in the environment with following requirement: relative humidity is not more than 70%, temperature lower than 40℃, dry and ventilated, covered. No corrosive gas allowed.
Working principle:
When working, the pulp & fiber of the citrus enters through the feeding port and is pushed into thesieve by the feeding screw. The material is transported by the screw propeller.In the conveying process, the pulp and juice are separated by the pressure between the screw propeller and the sieve, and the waste is pushed to the outlet.
The separation of materials is mainly controlled by thecylinder installed in the end separation section, and the degree of separation is mainly determined by the sieve size and the size of the waste discharge port adjusted by the cylinder.
Machine support is used to support the weight of the machine.
The screw propeller iscomposed of double screw, propelling the material at a fast and steady speed.
The high-pressure cleaning system is installed around the sieve. The cleaning ring is moved manually along the length of the sieve screen, and the high-pressure water spray is applied to the siev. The high pressure cleaning system can be cleaned when the machine is stopped or running.
The sieve body is composed of two screen frames and two screens. It is mainly used to separate fruit residue and other objects in fruit juice.
The motor mainly provides power to the whole machine, which is transmitted to the rotor through the belt wheel and v-shaped belt.
The left and right doors can be opened as needed,generally used to take out the screen and clean the inside of the shell thoroughly at regular intervals.
The shell is equipped with spray device, which is used to clean the screen and the inner wall of the shell after each shift.
Considering the juicing rate of the equipment, the size of the slag outlet is adjusted by the cylinder at the slag outlet to increase the time of the fruit residue staying in the sieve, and also increase the pressure of extrusion, so as to get more juice.
That's all what we introduced here about the scraper refiner, please contact Beyond service engineer if you got any question.
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