Introductionof Production Management In Error-proof System
Introductionof Production Management In Error-proof System
May 26, 2020
The production management system realizes the visualization and controllability of the production process. Digital workshop combines information, network,automation, modern management and manufacturing technology to form a digital manufacturing platform in the workshop, improve the management and productionof the workshop, so as to achieve agile manufacturing.
Main function of production management in the error-proof system:
1、Intelligent formula management, flexible and convenient invocation
The server stores and manages all production recipes, and supports custom formula. When the production department makes the production plan, the formulation process can be flexibly transferred by inputting the formula number. After the production line receives the task, the formula will be automatically loaded to the computer of the current production line.
2、Computer control ingredients process, alarm when process error
When the production line batching, line operators only need to follow the computer prompts of the batching steps and the amount of raw materials gradually operation. Before each weighing, the operator shall use the scanning gun to check whether the raw material is correct and whether the warranty period has expired. When the above error occurs, the red alarm light shall bright and the next operation shall not be carried out until the error is corrected. During the weighing process, the computer will compare the input weight of the raw materials. If the error exceeds the allowable range, the computer will give an alarm, and the subsequent operation can be carried out until the weight is adjusted accurately. The use of a variety of electronic scales, can obtain different resolution accuracy,respectively used to weigh the main raw materials and auxiliary raw materials.
3、Automatic judgment of raw material by formula, raw material first in first out
Before each batch production, the production line computer will automatically call the formula required for this production, and will inform the operator of the raw material number, location and other information. The use of raw materials follows the principle of "first in first out".The computer gives priority to the raw materials stored first, and the system automatically registers the raw materials out of the warehouse after the successful weighing of ingredients.
4、Batching data recorded in real time and the whole process can be traced
After the success of each formula batching, the system automatically saves detailed batching records, such as the raw materials name, number, actual weighing value, tolerance, batching time, batching person, batch number, order number,etc. For all the completed weighing information, the system provides query and statistical functions. Search by date, batch number, batch number, operator andother information. Query results can be exported to a spreadsheet.
5、Verify before mixing to ensure process accuracy and error free
Small material flavor types will be identification controlled by code during the weighing process, to the greatest extent possible to eliminate the manual selection of small material, flavor varieties, to avoid the phenomenon of selection errors. Large quantities of excipients that can not be weighed, such as white sugar, etc., can be added by information prompt, so that all kinds of excipients can be monitored and recorded at the time of batching. After weighing, the weighing label will be printed out, and each raw material will be matched with the label one by one. The integrity of the order will be verified according to the weighing label during the mixing process. The materials in the batch will be matched with the mixing tank one by one.
6、Barcode/QRcode recognition, automatic weight label printing
In the process of inventory raw materials management, formula ingredients and finished products out of the warehouse, the whole process with bar code (QR code) label identification management. In the process of raw material storage, ingredient production and finished product packaging, the label printer will automatically print the label containing the barcode after weighing, and then manually or automatically label it. The content of the QR code label of the raw materials to be delivered from the warehouse includes: production plan, production variety, shift, planned output, variety of small materials to be added, weight of relevant small materials, feeding can mouth, the person receiving materials, receiving time,feeding time, etc., and then proceed to the next operation through this label。
The implementation of these functional modules can lay a solid foundation for the realization of the informationization of enterprise workshop production management, and greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprise workshops.
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