Falling film type evaporator
Falling film type evaporator
Aug 26, 2022

Scope of application:

Main uses:For the evaporation and concentration of dairy products, food, beverage, pharmaceutical materials and other various materials

Scope of application:Dairy,food, beverage, pharmaceutical,pharmaceutical andother industries.

Equipment advantages:

Falling film evaporator evaporation temperature is low, suitable for heat sensitive material evaporation, evaporation capacity is big.

The Centrifugal pump adopts IP65 waterproof grade to ensure the safety of production, reduce the maintenance caused by motor problems, and reduce the accident rate. Centrifugal pump is equipped with double seal and inducer, use tap water to cool the heat from the friction between the bearing and the shaft.

The feed port, solvent inlet port, circulation port and spare port are all provided with extending pipes along the wall, which can effectively solve the problem of material splashing and foaming.

There are four sight mirrors, the first sight glass port is set at the concentrated liquid effect body of the first-effect falling film heater, and the second sight mirror port is set at the concentrated liquid effect body of the two-effect falling film heater. The internal situation is that it can be observed through the first sight glass port or the

second sight glass port or both. The third and fourth sight glass are arranged on the effect body of the 1st-effect and 2nd-effect separator, and the spotlight in the tank can make the situation clearer.

Used environment: It can be used in clean area and explosion-proof area

Working principle:

The material enters the top of the falling film heater, enters the heat exchange tube in the form of water droplets through the material-liquid distributor, and flows down evenly as a film along the inner wall of the heat exchange tube. As shown below:

The secondary steam generated in the middle of the tube goes down in the form of gravitational acceleration under the condition of negative pressure, enters the effect body of the concentrated liquid, and enters the separation chamber for secondary separation, so as to achieve the effect of steam-liquid separation. The secondary steam of the first effect separation chamber enters the second effect heat exchanger to continue heating, and the secondary steam of the second effect enters the condenser for condensation. The secondary steam is precooled and liquefied into distilled water. Pumped to the owner or to be reused.

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