Brush Cleaning And Peeling Machine
Brush Cleaning And Peeling Machine
Jun 23, 2020
The mainworking scopes:
The equipment is mainly applied in cleaning apples, pears and carrots and the like fruits and vegetables. This product is designed in accordance with the hygienic requirements of the food industry. It is easy to operate, convenient to use and maintain, and can be connected into automated assembly lines.
The frame adopts the whole frame integral welding structure, the overall rigidity is good, and little vibration.
The entire machine is in compact structure and reliable operations; the optimized designs are made on each component, making it easier to clean and replace.
Fully made of stainless steel, in accordance with food hygiene standards.
Can be installed on the assembly line, automatic production, low labor intensity.
The equipment is mainly composed of frame, main drive, passive drive, brush roller, reduction motor, fruit catching device, spray device, feed hopper, discharge hopper etc.
Entire machine features:
The surface of the brush roller is elliptical arc shape, which can effectively remove the residues, debris and pesticide residues on the fruit skins.
The upper part of the machine is equipped with a spray device, which can effectively wash and remove the agricultural residues, leaves and soil remaining on the surface of fruits and vegetables.
The frame structure welded by stainless steel tubes and other profiles, with good overall rigidity, the whole machine in low vibration, and the transmission chain has a safety cover to ensure good safety protection performances.
The equipment has a fruit catching device, effectively convey the remaining product materials to the discharge port, and then enter the next working section.
Working principles:
The cleaned fruit go to the brush cleaning machine from the previous process, and come into the high-speed rotating brush roller. By means of  the collisions between the fruit and the friction on fruit from the brush roller, remove the remaining agricultural residues, leaves and soil on the surface of  the fruits and vegetables. The spray device on the top cleans the removed debris, several sets of  brush rollers operate at the same time, and the auxiliary drive of  the fruit drive device convey the product materials to the discharge port, and then go to the next process.
Model and parameters:
That's all what we had talked today about the Brush cleaning and peeling machine.
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