Brief Analysis Of Yoghurt Fermentation System
Brief Analysis Of Yoghurt Fermentation System
Jul 14, 2020

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's pursuit of healthy, reasonable and nutritious diet has become the main trend of modern life, and this pursuit is directly reflected in the choice of food. At present, yoghurt has become a kind of nutritional health food popular among modern people. It not only has the nutritional value of raw milk (such as protein, easily absorbed calcium and Bvitamins), but also has health care effects (such as reducing lactoseincompatibility,  adjust the balance of microbial flora in the human intestine, prevent cancer, protect the liver,prevent the formation of cataracts, etc.). It can be seen that the development of yoghurt is very suitable for the requirements of modern people for"natural, nutritious and healthy" food. However, to make ahigh-quality yoghurt, it is inseparable from a high-quality yoghurt fermentation system. Now we will make a simple sharing.

Composition of yoghurt fermentation system.
Yoghurt fermentation system includes: online culture addition system, ultra-clean fermentation tanks system, aseptic air system, flexible cooling system and matched pipes, valves,instruments and control programs, etc.
Yoghurt fermentation system sub-system introduction
1、Online culture adding system
The online culture addition system adopts the ultra-clean culture online addition method, which includes culture adding tube that can fit different types of cultures and an aseptic filter air positive pressure protective cover that reaches a 100-level purification level. The system can be cleaned together with the product pipeline by CIP or independently, the device is equipped with a steam sterilization system. In this way, problems can be avoided such as bacteriophage contamination, foreign matter entering the fermentation system,and loss of bacterial species when the bacterial culture is introduced into themanhole.
2、Ultra-clean fermentation tanks system
The ultra-clean fermentation tanks system mainly refers to the fermentation tanks and auxiliary configuration to be used in the yoghurt fermentation process. The fermentation tank adopts an aseptic system to avoid and prevent the contamination of microorganisms in the air, which greatly prolongs the shelf life of the product and the purity of the product, an aseptic breather or an aseptic positive pressure fermentation system is specially designed and installed on the tankbody. The tank body designed with a jacket and an insulation layer, which can be passed by the insulation water or cooling medium to keep insulation or cooling. The tank body shell, the upper and lower heads (or prototypes) areprocessed by spinning R angle. The inner wall of the tank is mirror-polished without hygienic dead ends. The fully enclosed design ensures that the products are always mixed and fermented in a pollution-free state. The equipment is equipped with air breathing hole, CIP cleaning nozzles, manholes and other devices. The fermentor is equipped with a central cantilever type paddle mixing with a mechanical seal, which can facilitate cleaning and disinfection while ensuring the demulsification effect, and is equipped with an aseptic sampling valve that can be cleaned by CIP and steam disinfection.
3、Aseptic air system
Aseptic air system includes SUS304 bracket, including degreasing and dewatering filter, activated carbon filter, coarse filter, sterilizing filter, steam filter; compressed air pressure reducing valve, steam pressure reducing valve, pressure gauge,temperature probes, etc., this system can be steam sterilized and CIP cleaned.It is used for the protection of micro positive pressure in the tank during the fermentation process, which can prevent the materials in the tank from being contaminated by the outside enviroment.
4、Flexible cooling system
The flexible cooling systemmainly includes a large channel low flow rate plate and a constant temperature water system. Through this system, the fermented yoghurt can be cooled to about 20℃,and the cooling temperature difference less than 5℃dT, which can minimize the damage of the yoghurt viscosity, which can achieve better post-fermentation effect.
5、Matched pipes, valves, instruments and control programs
The matched pipe valves,instruments and control programs mainly include the stainless steel pipes and valves used to connect the various systems and the control programs required to achieve yoghurt fermentation. If the tank bottom feed anti-mixing valve is used, the feed line can be cleaned in time after the feed is completed, without worrying about the risk of mixing the products with the CIP liquid; the tank body and the feed/discharge line are equipped with independent CIP liquid supply lines and return line; product piping should be designed as short as possible, and product flow rate should be kept low; equipped with static pressure sensor, liquid level switch, temperature sensor, positive and negative pressure safety valve, pressure sensor, etc.
Above is brief introduction of high quality yoghurt fermentation system.If you got any question or enquiry,please contact BEYOND service engineer.
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