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Shanghai Benyou Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in providing Rosa Roxburghii deep processing production line. From project design, equipment manufacturing to installation and commissioning and personnel training, we provide complete turnkey project for customers. The traditional processing method of Rosa Roxburghii is to press with branches. The yield of juice is low and the quality is poor. The Rosa Roxburghii juice production line developed by our company adopts the process of removing stem and beating pulp, which breaks through the technical difficulties of removing stem, cleaning, beating and clarifying at one stroke. At the same time, fruit oil and seed oil can be obtained to the maximum extent in the processing process of Rosa Roxburghii, which greatly improves the added value of Rosa Roxburghii processing products.

Configuration features:
1.A wide range of raw materials, this production line is suitable for all kinds of large and small fruit Rosa Roxburghii;
2. The configuration of production line is flexible, and different functional equipment, such as enzymatic hydrolysis, membrane filtration and concentration equipment, can be flexibly configured according to different final product requirements of customers;
3. According to different investment amount and product positioning of customers, customers can configure ordinary, middle end or high-end products according to their own requirements;
4. The final product has good flavor, bright color and high yield;
5. The whole line has high degree of automation, low labor intensity, simple operation, reliable performance and low operation cost;
6. The whole production line adopts sanitary design, with thorough cleaning and high hygiene level.

Technical parameter
Raw material: large or small fruit Rosa Roxburghii (with or without branches)
Final products: concentrated juice, clear juice, turbid juice
Capacity: 20 t / D - 2000 t / D
Fruit juice yield: ≥ 90%
Solid content: 10 ~ 15brix

Packaging: sterile bag / glass bottle / PET bottle / roof bag / Tetra Pak

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