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Mango processing line refers to a series of machinery and equipment used to process mangoes into various products such as mango pulp, mango puree, mango juice, dried mango slices, and mango jam.

The processing line typically includes the following steps:

Washing and sorting: Mangoes are initially washed to remove dirt and foreign matter. Then, they are sorted based on size and quality.

Peeling and destoning: Mangoes are peeled using a machine that removes the outer skin while minimizing flesh loss. Next, the stones or pits are removed using a destoning machine.

Cutting and slicing: Mangoes are cut into desired shapes and sizes, such as cubes or slices. This can be done manually or by using automated cutting machines.

Pulp extraction: The mango flesh is then processed to extract the pulp. This can be done through various methods, including pulping machines, which separate the pulp from the fibers and seeds.

Pasteurization: The extracted mango pulp is pasteurized to ensure safety and extend shelf life. This is done by heating the pulp to a specific temperature for a certain period of time.

Packaging: The processed mango pulp or other mango products are packaged in containers, such as cans, jars, or tetra packs, for distribution and sale.

Additional steps may be included depending on the specific product being produced. For example, if producing mango juice, the pulp may undergo further filtration to remove any remaining solids.

It's important to note that each processing line can be customized based on specific requirements and production capacities.

Mango sauce production line

Characteristics of mango juice plant

1. The processing capacity is varied.
2. The line can deal with similar characteristic of fruits.
3. Using the high efficient of mango destoner to improve the mango output percentage effectively.
4. Using efficient belt juice extractor to improve the juice efficiency and the output percentage of pineapple.
5. The production process fully automatic PLC control to save labor and facilitate production management.
6. Low-temperature vacuum evaporation, maximize reserve the flavor substances and nutrients also save energy.
7. Tubular UHT sterilizer and aseptic filling machine, produce high-quality aseptic juice products.
8. Automatic CIP cleaning, ensure the entire line equipment of food hygiene and safety requirements.

Raw material:

mango and pineapple Peach,apricot,plum and other similar flesh fruits with hard seed

End product:

Nature Juice, juice Concentrate, transparent juice, cloudy juice, canned fruits

Production capacity:


Output percentage:


Solid content


Packing type for end product:

Aseptic Bag/glass Bottle/PET Bottle /gable Top Box/Tetra Pak

The End Products and Packaging Containers

-Concentrated mango pulp/puree filled into aseptic bags in drums or bag in box containers.
-Non-concentrated mango pulp/puree filled into aseptic bags in drums or bag in box containers.
-Blended mango juice filled into PET/glass bottles,small tin cans,tetra paks,cartons,or other small containers.
-NFC mango juice filled into PET/glass bottles,aseptic cartons.
-Dry Mango chips/slice filled into pouches or jars.

The processing flowchart of the mango processing line

Concentrated mango pulp/puree flowchart
Fresh mango after washing,sorting,destoning and peeling,pulping filtering,evaporating,sterilizing then filled into 220kg aseptic bags in drums.
The end products of concentrated mango juice technical parameter is Brix 28-30% or 30-32%,PH value is 3.0-4.0.

Non-concentrated mango pulp/puree flowchart
Fresh mango after washing,sorting,destoning and peeling,pulping filtering,homogenizing,vacuum degassing,sterilizing then filled into 220kg aseptic bags in
drums.The end products of non-concentrated mango pulp/puree technical parameter is that Brix value is 14-22%,Total acidity:0.3-1.1%,PH:3.2-4.0,Pulp content:>40%.

Blended mango nectar/juice flowchart
Concentrated mango puree/juice are as raw materials,after blending with water and sugar and other additives,homogenizing and degassing,sterilizing,the end mango juice are filled into PET/glass bottles,small tin cans,aseptic cartons.

NFC mango nectar flowchart
The mango is washed,peeled,sliced and dried to make dried mango slices.It takes 20-30 hours to complete drying for each batch of fresh mangoes.The moisture of fresh mango slices is between 80%-85%.After being dried by a heat pump dryer,the moisture of dried mango slices is about 10%-12%.The heat pump drying is
completed in 5 stages:the first stage is 55℃,which is the heating stage,the second stage is 60℃,the dehumidification stage,the third stage is 62℃,the continuous dehumidification stage,the fourth stage is 58℃,cooling and dehumidifying,and the last stage 55℃,consolidate and dehumidify.

Concentrated mango pulp/puree filling machine
We have one head or double heads aseptic filler to fill the concentrated mango puree into 220kg aseptic bags in drums,the capacity is 1 ton per hour to 5 tons per hour.And the concentrated mango puree in aseptic bags has a long shelf life about 2 years in a cold environment.The aseptic bag filling machine is complete sanitation with CIP cleaning function,the mango puree filling is controlled by flowmeter with high precision,the filling chamber is sterilized by steam to ensure the aseptic conditions.

Condition: New
Brand name: Shanghai Beyond;
Type: whole processing Line/turnkey project/fruit and vegetables processing/dairy processing/beverage processing
Voltage: 220v/380v
Power(W): 100-200kw
Weight: Different size different weight/customized
Dimension(L*W*H): Different size different dimension/customized
Certification: CE&ISO
Warranty: 12 months/1 year
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Main material: SUS304 or SUS316
Control type: automatic, semi-automatic
Energy consumption: Low consumption with high efficiency
Capacity: 500-10000L/H-customized
Installation period: 1-3months
Period time: 30 days-120 days

Cups material: pouches, paper box, glass bottle, pet bottle, glass bottle

Product storage condition: room temperature; low temperature;

Related machinery of fruit processing line
Fruit storage silo-- Washing, sorting machine-- Grading/classifier machine
Squeeze extractor--Juice refiner—separator—evaporator-- Juice concentrate product
Fruit flesh/pulp collector-sterilizer--filling machine—fruit flesh
Essential oil refiner—fruit oil
Fruit residues collector—animal feed
Soaking extraction, pre-cooking, pulping, quick freeze, stemmer, ultra-filtration, decolor, destoner, crusher, stone washer, brusher washer, pine apple extractor, refiner, enzymolysis, filtration, CIP cleaning system

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