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Description of Peach / Apricot and Plum Processing Line

A peach, apricot, and plum processing line is a system designed to wash, sort, and process these fruits for various end products such as jams, juices, canned fruits, and dried fruits. The line typically consists of several machines and equipment that perform specific tasks in the processing process. Here are the common steps involved in a peach, apricot, and plum processing line:

Washing: The fruits are initially subjected to a washing machine to remove any dirt, dust, and other impurities. This ensures the cleanliness of the fruits before further processing.

Sorting: After washing, the fruits are sorted based on their size, color, and quality. A sorting machine is used to separate the fruits into different categories, ensuring only the best quality ones proceed to the next step.

Pitting/De-stoning: In this step, the fruits are pitted or de-stoned to remove the seeds. This can be done using a specialized machine that cuts the fruits open, removes the pit, and separates the flesh.

Slicing/Dicing: Once pitted, the fruits can be sliced or diced depending on the desired end product. Slicing machines can cut the fruits into uniform slices or dicing machines can chop them into smaller pieces.

Cooking/Boiling: The sliced or diced fruits are then cooked or boiled to soften them and enhance flavor. This step is crucial for making jams, jellies, or preserves.

Blending/Pureeing: Some applications may require blending or pureeing the cooked fruits to achieve a smooth texture. This is commonly done for fruit sauces, fillings, or baby food products.

Packaging: The final processed fruits are packaged into suitable containers such as jars, bottles, cans, or pouches. This step may involve automatic filling and sealing machines to ensure proper packaging and preservation.

Pasteurization/Sterilization: Depending on the intended shelf life and safety requirements, the packaged fruits may undergo pasteurization or sterilization processes. This helps extend the product's lifespan and prevents spoilage.

Cooling/Freezing: After pasteurization or sterilization, the packaged fruits are cooled down to room temperature or frozen depending on the storage requirements. This step ensures the products are safe for transportation and future consumption.

Labeling and Quality Control: Finally, the packaged fruits are labeled with necessary information such as ingredients, nutritional facts, and expiry dates. Quality control checks are performed to ensure that the products meet the desired standards and specifications.

Throughout the processing line, various conveyors, pumps, and control systems are integrated to streamline the flow of fruits and ensure efficient production. The specific configuration and capacities of the machines can vary depending on the scale of the processing line and the desired output.

Characteristics of peach, apricot, plum and other similar fruits processing line

1. Wide range of raw fruits are available, this line is applicable for all kinds of hard seed fruits with pulp, such as peach, apricot, plum etc.

2. Flexible configuration to make this line, according to different requirements of the end products, some exact equipments with different functions are        flexible chosen, for example: enzymolysis, evaporation etc.

3. According to different investment and product structure prefered, client can require average, middle level or high level processing equipments.

4. End product with pure flavor, bright colour, and high juice output percentage;

5. Whole line with features as high level automatically, low labour intensity, easy operation, safe function and low operation cost.

6. Whole line adopt sanitary design, can clean thoroughly, with high level sanitation.

Technical data :

Raw material:

Peach,apricot,plum and other similar flesh fruits with hard seed

End product:

Nature Juice, juice Concentrate, transparent juice, cloudy juice, canned fruits

Production capacity:


Output percentage:


Solid content


Packing type for end product:

Aseptic Bag/glass Bottle/PET Bottle /gable Top Box/Tetra Pak

Apricot,Plum&Peach Processing Line End Products And Package
-Concentrated apricot,peach and plum puree:30-32 brix,PH value is 4.0-4.8,packed into 220kg aseptic bags in drums.The raw concentrated puree can be made into juices,beverages and baby food purees.The shelf life is 2 years stored into below 20℃.
-Single strength apricot,peach and plum puree:10-12brix,it can be packed into small pouches,bottles for direct consumption.
-Apricot,peach and plum juice:Use fresh fruits or concentrated puree to blend with water and other ingredients to make into juice and fill into small bottles or metal cans.
-Apricot,peach and plum fruit chips:Fresh fruits after washing,sorting,then cut the fruits into slices or pieces,after that use the pump dryer or belt dryer to remove the water and make them into 10%-12% water content dry fuit slices and filled into bags.

Apricot,Plum And Peach Processing Line Technological Flowchart
Using fresh and ripen Apricot,peach and plum fruits as raw material,then use one air bubble washing machine and brush washer to remove the foreign matters on fruits,then sort out the bad and unripe fruits out manually,now we get the high-quality clean fruits.After that,we use one fruit pitting machine to remove the fruit stones,and we will get the crushed fruits,To increase the puree yield rate,we can use one tubular preheater to inactivate enzymes in fruits,then the double stage pulping machine is used to make them into fruit puree.But there are still some coarse solids or inedible crude fiber after pulping machine,to remove them,we use one decanter centrifuge separator.Until this process,we obtain the fine fruit puree.The evaporator can be used to make into concentrated puree and after sterilization,it can be filled into aseptic bags,the single strength puree can also be homogenized,pasteurized and filled into small pouches.

Apricot,peach and plum washing and sorting machine
Apricot,peach and plum fruits are received in the bubble washing machine where,by immersion in the water and thanks to a buble generating system,the surface of the fruits is washed.Fruits are then rinsed by a shower of fresh water on the elevator that takes the fruits to the sorting operations.Waste and sand sink to the bottom and are discharged by our special design.
In order to guarantee the best quality of the final products,rotten and unripe fruits must be discarded.Universal sorting line allows to efficiently inspect the fruits,by making them slowly rotate on a roller belt conveyor under the sight of the operators.The machine is equipped with waste conveying system,discharging the waste away.

Apricot,peach and plum pitting machine and pulping machine
The destone machine is fitted for pitting peaches,plums,apricots has a capacity of up to 10 Tons/H of fresh fruit and it is capable of processing also hard and large fruits without severe losses in yield.
For a perfect separation of the puree from pitted fruits,the fruit pulping machine is adopted.The machine can be equipped with an inverter,which is suitable to adjust the rotation speed and with an inert gas injection device,for protecting product against oxidation.Rotating speed can go as 1470r/min,which generates large centrifugal force and helps increase the juice yield,and the puree yield rate is from 65%-75% according to fruit variety.

Apricot,peach and plum puree evaporator
To get the concentrated puree,we use the force circulation evaporator to remove water in puree,after concentration,the puree is about 2.5 times higher solid than single strength puree.The whole evaporation process is in low temperature to keep the natural ingredients in fruits to the most extend.And the steam,cooling water can be recycled when evaporator works,saves a lot of energy.

Apricot,peach and plum puree sterilizer
Apricot,peach and plum puree can be sterilized by the tubular sterilizer.At this stage,all microorganisms are destroyed.In contrast to the stage of preheating,sterilization takes place at higher temeratures(95℃-115℃).The specific value of sterilizing temperature is set depending on the technical nuances of each particular production.

Apricot,peach and plum puree filler
The concentrated puree can be filled into aseptic bags in drums or bags in box,whereas the single strength puree can be filled into small pouches for baby food consumption.

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