New probiotic processing technology will change the dairy production line
New probiotic processing technology will change the dairy production line
May 10, 2022

With the increasing demand for probiotic food in the market, new probiotic processing technologies are also born. These new probiotic processing technologies will change the equipment and process of the current dairy production line, and the efficiency of producing probiotic products will be improved.

The traditional probiotic processing technology achieves its goal by heating. The new probiotic processing technology will not rely on this, which will greatly improve the quality of probiotic food, which gives people more imagination space for new probiotic food.

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Promising technology

Brazilian scientists have the latest research results in probiotic processing technology. They will soon succeed in developing dairy products with probiotic cultures by using HP and PEF. The application of this new technology to probiotic processing line will greatly improve the efficiency of dairy production line and allow more new probiotic foods to be continuously produced through efficient dairy production line.

In addition to overcoming heat related damage, scientists say these emerging technologies may have a positive impact on some quality parameters. For example, in probiotic yogurt, scientists point out that HP treatment can improve texture and provide stronger and thicker products.

Pulsed electric field technology has great potential in cheese production, because studies have reported the improvement of milk coagulation characteristics, such as gel hardness and coagulation time during cheese production.

Problems to be solved in the application of new technology to dairy production line

The new probiotic processing technology is not perfect at this stage. They will face a problem of high cost investment. The new probiotic processing technology requires new equipment, which is a large investment for manufacturers, which makes many manufacturers carefully analyze and consider before construction.

In any case, the forward development trend of dairy production line is irreversible. Only in this way can we meet the needs of the market, better update and more efficient machinery and equipment have strong competitiveness, and the upgrading of dairy production line has been going on all the time, which is not transferred by human will.
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