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A fruit grinder is a device used to crush or chop fruits, typically used to make foods such as puree, juice, and jam. The working principle of a fruit grinder is usually to decompose and grind fruits by rotating blades, stirring rods, or pressing devices.

The general method of using a fruit grinder is to put the fruit into a container or hopper of the machine, and then start the machine to grind or press. Different types of fruit crushers may have different operating methods and functions. Some high-end fruit crushers may also be equipped with speed regulation functions or preset processing programs to adapt to different types and hardness of fruits.

The benefits of a fruit grinder include:
Convenient and fast: By using a fruit grinder, fruits can be quickly cut or pressed into the desired state, saving manual processing time and labor.
Preserving nutrition: A fruit grinder can effectively preserve the nutritional components in fruits, such as vitamins, fiber, etc., making the puree or juice produced healthier.
Versatility: The fruit grinder can be applied to the processing of various fruits, including soft fruits such as apples, pears, strawberries, and hard fruits such as coconuts, peanuts, etc.
Increase production: Using a fruit grinder can more effectively process large batches of fruits and improve production efficiency.

Usage: The tooth crusher is mainly used for breaking up apples, pears, tomatoes, carrots and other materials.

Characteristics: This machine is composed of cleanging tube,sight glass,crushing tooth plate,three section cutting knife,tensioning device,driving part,discharging plate etc. The food crusher machinery has some features such as light in weight, low energy consumption, good quality, long life and easy to clean.

Main features:
1、The frame adopts a frame structure welded by stainless steel thick plates with good overall rigidity. The whole machine is a fully enclosed structure except for feeding and discharging, and has good safety protection performance.
2、By replacing the sizes of the sieve mesh, it can adapt to crush different fruits and vegetables, and has a wide range of usage capabilities.
3、The whole machine has compact structure, small coveringspaces, reliable operations; optimized design for various components, easy to clean and replace.
4、All stainless steel manufacturing, in accord with food hygiene standards.
5、It Can be installed on the assembly line, automated production, lower labor intensity.

Components of the equipment:

The equipment is mainly composed of frames, gears, screens, bearings, motors, transmission shafts and other components (see attached picture).

Fruit crusher
Working principles:

The working part of the crusher is a lot of gears installed on the turntable according to certain rules. When the turntable rotates, the gears will generate a large centrifugal force due to the rotating force. When the material is ransported from the upper process to the crusher's hopper , And then enter the crushing chamber and crush it under the action of centrifugal force. At the same time, the impacted fruits collide with each other and the screen of the machine ining, which also promotes the crushing of the material to reach the crushing particle size required by the customer.
The structure is simple, the size is compact, the weight is small, the power consumption per unit product is small, the productivity is high, the crushing capacity is large, the particle size of the product is small and even in shape of cubic, and the phenomenon of excessive crushing is less;

Technical parameter:


Outer dimensions(mm)


Tooth sizes(mm)



Material 304,shell,gear plate,screen,transmission device

L1620 X W475*H658




L1820 X W475*H658




L2100 X W475*H658



Safety warnings:
This equipment is a crushing machine. The operating procedures must be strictly followed in use. Hands, feet and other objects (such as sticks) must not be touched or even inserted into the rotating crusher when the equipment operating in case serious personal and equipmentsafety accidents!

In summary, a fruit grinder is a practical kitchen equipment that can easily make fruits into the desired state, providing convenience for processes such as jam making and juice extraction. When choosing a fruit grinder, you can consider different brands, models, and performance equipment based on your own needs and budget.

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