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A milk powder production line is a series of machines and equipment used for producing powdered milk from fresh milk. The process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Milk reception: Fresh milk is received and stored in tanks or silos.

  2. Pre-treatment: The milk goes through processes such as clarification, standardization (adjusting fat content), and pasteurization (heating to kill bacteria).

  3. Concentration: The milk is then concentrated using techniques like evaporation or reverse osmosis to remove water content and increase solids.

  4. Drying: The concentrated milk is sprayed into a drying chamber or a spray dryer, where hot air is used to evaporate the remaining moisture, leaving behind powdered milk particles.

  5. Cooling: The dried milk powder is cooled to room temperature to avoid clumping or caking.

  6. Packaging: The milk powder is then packaged into bags, cans, or other containers using automatic filling machines.

  7. Quality control: Throughout the production process, quality control measures are implemented to ensure the milk powder meets the required standards for taste, aroma, texture, and nutritional content.

  8. Storage and distribution: The packaged milk powder is stored in warehouses and distributed to retailers or consumers.

Features and advantages:

1. Processing capacity can be ranged from 1T/Day to 100T/Day.

2. High standard design, manufacture and project installation requirements, which guarantee the first-class finish products in the dairy processing line.

3. PLC control the whole production line, saving labor force and facilitate production management.

4. Full-auto CIP cleaning, to ensure whole production line equipments meet food sanitary safety requirements.

5. Whole line with features as high level automatic, low labour intensity, easy operation, safe function and low operation cost.

6. Whole line adopt sanitary design, can be cleaned thoroughly, with high level sanitation.

Multi effect and multi process falling film evaporator (concentrator)

Product features:
It has the characteristics of long membrane tube, multi return, large flow, less cleaning times, low energy consumption, long continuous operation time, small material heating damage, and little impact on product color, flavor and nutritional components.

Practical application:
It is widely used to reduce the moisture content and increase the concentration of liquid materials in milk, soybean milk, food, biological fermentation, chemical industry, medicine and other industries.

This series of evaporators can be selected from the evaporation capacity of 1200kg/h to 20000kg/h according to the service capacity; According to the effect and process form, the equipment can be selected from double effect and double process, double effect and three process, three effect and seven process and four effect and nine process; Pasteurization, super pasteurization steam bath sterilization and clean steam direct injection sterilization (DSI) are optional.

Upper exhaust pressure type spray drying tower

Product features:
Upper inlet air, upper exhaust air, wide tower body, capable of primary coalescence of droplets and secondary coalescence of fine powder, and equipped with built-in fluidized bed and vibrating fluidized bed, a three-stage drying spray drying system with high and low temperature auxiliary drying and cooling functions. It is also called low temperature drying tower in the international industry.

Working principle:
The hot air quickly converges with the spray droplets under the protection of the annular wind curtain through the diversion hot air distributor, so that the droplets vaporize in 0.4 seconds. The pressure of the hot air makes the dried powder quickly blown into the built-in fluidized bed at the bottom. The low heat air blown into the built-in fluidized bed carries out the second auxiliary drying of the product, and then the product enters the three-stage vibrating fluidized bed for the third low-temperature auxiliary drying, And cool to the packaging temperature for temporary packaging. The fine powder recovered by the powder catcher can also be secondary agglomerated and granulated through the built-in fluidized bed at the top or bottom of the tower, so as to improve the instant solubility of the product.

Practical application:
It is widely used in the spray drying of powdered products made from solutions, suspensions and other liquids containing dry matter. It is used in many fields, such as food, additives, biology, medicine, chemical industry and so on.

milk powder production line

The exact configuration and capacity of a milk powder production line can vary depending on the desired output and specific requirements of the manufacturer. Some lines may include additional processes such as homogenization, sterilization, or flavoring to produce different types of milk powder products.

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