Introduction of oat milk production line
Introduction of oat milk production line
May 9, 2022

Milk is a very popular food. A variety of milk drinks emerge one after another, and oat milk is also an important one. The production of Oat Milk requires a large number of different equipment for collaborative operation. Together, they form a complete oat milk production line. By accurately controlling each unit equipment of the production line, the oat milk production line can achieve its highest production efficiency, Complete the maximization of raw material utilization and production output, so as to realize its maximum market value through products.

oat milk production line

Oat milk is one of the most nutritious vegetable milk. Its fat content is very low, but actually each share contains more calcium than milk. It is also an important source of vitamin A and iron. The calcium intake of one oat milk is 36% of the daily recommended intake, while the calcium intake of whole milk is only 28%. If you are a vegetarian or lactose intolerant, this is a good calcium supplement.

In commercial oat milk, the production process begins with grinding and then enzymolysis breaks down oat starch into smaller components. The bran is then separated from the oats, leaving loose fibers. Then, if relevant other condiments and ingredients are added, such as vitamins. Milk is sterilized before packing.
Production process of Oat Milk
1. Soak the grain in water and grind it into slurry
2. Heat the oat pulp to about 60 degrees
3. The slurry containing the enzyme was kept in an aerated stirring tank for 1 to 2 hours
4. The slurry was heated to about 90 degrees to inactivate the enzyme
5. Use a decanter to separate solids and liquids
6. Cereal milk bases are frozen and stored for formulation and further processing
The Oatmeal Milk production line can carry out customized production according to the needs of customers. Starting from the actual needs and investment of customers, it can ensure that the Oatmeal Milk production line purchased by itself meets the design objectives, and also enable customers to achieve their Oatmeal Milk large-scale production objectives with the least capital. We will not only communicate closely with customers before sales, but also provide various after-sales services after the delivery of oat milk production line, so as to ensure the stable operation of customers' oat milk production line and achieve their own business objectives.
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