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A grape processing plant is a facility where grapes are converted into various products such as juice, wine, raisins, and grape seed oil. The plant receives freshly harvested grapes and processes them through several stages to produce the desired products.

The process typically involves cleaning and sorting the grapes to remove any impurities or damaged fruit. The grapes are then crushed to extract the juice, which can be used to make grape juice or fermented to produce wine.

After the juice extraction, the remaining solids, known as pomace, can be further processed to produce grape seed oil or used as animal feed.

For the production of raisins, the grapes are dried to reduce moisture content and increase their shelf life.

In addition to the main processing steps, grape processing plants may also include facilities for fermentation, filtration, aging, bottling, labeling, and packaging.

The equipment used in a grape processing plant may include grape crushers, presses, fermenters, tanks, filters, and packaging machinery.

Overall, grape processing plants play a crucial role in transforming grapes into various products that are consumed worldwide.

Grape processing equipment and sorting line are modular, and there are a variety of equipment to choose from to meet different needs,
-Grape washing and drying channel
-Vibration screening device
-Sorting table of conveyor belt
-Stainless steel vibrating sorting table
-Ladder conveyor
-Grape stemming machine
-Roller crusher

Grape juice processing line
Some advantages of grape juice processing line:
1. The equipment has simple operation, powerful machine performance and low energy consumption.
2. It is a convenient device, which can identify unqualified grapes, immature grapes, bad grapes and hidden impurities in grapes.
3. Remove the residual gravel, sand, stems and raw grape grains in the grape cluster.

Technological process of grape juice processing line:
First, the grape grains are sent to the vibrating screen to remove the impurities hidden in unqualified grapes, immature grapes, bad grapes and grape grains. Then, the grape seeds are evenly sent to the stemming machine through the elevator to completely remove the stems, which will not cause damage to the grape fruit. Then, the grape granules are peeled and seeded, and the grape pulp is beaten, sterilized and filled.
We manufacture all the equipment needed for grape juice production; From raw grape unloading system to grape juice extraction system, from grape juice ultrafiltration system to grape juice evaporator system, grape juice pasteurizer, grape juice clarification system, grape juice degumming tank and grape juice processing tank to grape juice storage tank.

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