The small trial line mainly includes hot water tank, ingredients dissolving system,sterilization system, homogenizer, fermentation system, aseptic filling machine,operation platform, and automatic PLC control system. When the system is used insteam -free boilers and water -free treatment, the experimental equipment forsmall-scale beverages, fermentation, sterilization, and filling. It is mainly used forbeverage formula test -beverage ingredients, sterilization, and aseptic filling. Hightemperature and short-time fermentation test on yogurt (probiotic)———ingredi-ents, sterilization, fermentation, cooling,filling, 0-5°C storage.Pure blending orsterilized lactobacillus drinks after fermentation: ingredients, sterilization, filling;live bacterial beverages fermented series from fruit and vegetable juice, experi-ments on blended and sterilized drinks after fermentation. The system is equippedwith the host: triplet ingredient processing system ——the top high -speed sheardissolving tank and the discharge system; the hot water tank and water supply,circulation system; fermentation tank system; sterilization, homogenization, fillingsystem - working table for aseptic filling, micro homogenizer, experimental steril-ization machine; peripheral power system -- one set of compressed air system, oneset of ice water; one set of controller record system;
processing capacity: 20L/H.50L/H.100L/H.

Beverage formula, process, and flavor testing: ingredients, sterilization, homog-enization process test, aseptic filling at room temperature, product shelf life forhigh temperature filling product, taste test, etc. According to research and devel-opment requirements to determine the order of ingredients, temperature, stirringemulsification time, flavor test after proportioning ingredients. Determinehomogenization temperature, pressure, sterilization temperature, time, fillingtemperature and subsequent processing mode etc.; Clean the dosing tank andproduct discharge pipe before use; Necessary cleaning and disinfection arecarried on sterilization machine and filling machine; control the dosing processand temperature of the ingredients; necessary records and monitors on productsterilization and filling;

Testing machine for probiotic drinks fermented from yogurt, fruit and vegetablejuices: according to the research and development requirements to determine thelist of ingredients, prepare strains, etc.Carry out washing and disinfection ofingredients dosing tank, fermentation tank, sterilization machine.Perform ingre-dients dosing -- feed the fermentation tank + sterilization treatment of ingredi-ents at 95-98°C for 300S; feed - inoculating strain -- insulated or non-insulatedfermentation + self-circulated cleaning of the ingredient dosing tank -- disinfectthe product discharge pipe + cooling to end fermentation -- filling + refrigera-tion;

Testing machine for non-probiotic drinks fermented from yogurt, fruit and vegetable juices: mix thefermented raw materials and other auxiliary materials for batching - wash and clean sterile sterilizer andfilling room before use - sterilization and filling.
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