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Hammer type fruit crusher is a specialized equipment used for crushing fruits, which is usually used in fields such as making jam, concentrated juice, and fruit raw material processing. The following is a detailed introduction to the hammer fruit crusher:

Working principle:
The hammer type fruit crusher mainly consists of an electric motor, a rotor, and a hammer blade. After the fruit is put into the crusher, the electric motor drives the rotor to rotate rapidly, while the hammer plate impacts the fruit at high speed, breaking it into smaller particles.
Equipment advantages:
Efficient crushing: The rotary speed of the hammer crusher is fast, and the impact force of the hammer blade is strong, which can quickly and effectively crush fruits into the required particle size.
Strong adaptability: The hammer crusher is suitable for crushing various fruits, such as apples, pears, peaches, etc., and has high adaptability.
Simple structure: Compared to other types of crushing equipment, the hammer crusher has a relatively simple structure and is easy to operate and maintain.
Equipment application: Hammer crushers are widely used in the food processing industry, mainly in the following fields:
Jam making: By breaking the fruit into small particles and then cooking, concentrating, and other processes, various flavors of jam are produced.
Concentrated juice: After the fruit is crushed, it can be extracted into pure concentrated juice through mechanical pressing, filtering, and other processes, which can be used for the production of juice drinks.

Fruit raw material processing: Crushed fruits can be used as processing materials for making dried fruits, fruit powder, and other foods.
In summary, hammer fruit crushers play an important role in the fruit processing process. It has the characteristics of efficient crushing, strong adaptability, and simple structure, providing reliable equipment support for fields such as jam making, concentrated juice, and fruit raw material processing.

Usage: used to crusher or break the fruit and the vegetables into small pieces(such as apple, pineapple, etc).

Characteristics: this machine is composed of side cover,swift knife,screen,main body,principal axis etc. The food crusher machinery has some features such as light in weight, low energy consumption, good quality, long life and easy to clean.
Working principal: the principal axis is regularly driven to circumvolve by a couple straps on running wheels; so the knives on the principal axis with circumvolve swiftly. When the fruits drop down to the feeding hopper from the lifer, they will be crushed by the swift knives; the crushed fruits will fly through the filter net on the drum to the storage groove under the centrifugal effect.

The advantages:
1). Good looking in surface; color coordination; spray-painted solid;
2). Hopper, crushing room, misreported is disserted, easy to dumpster gate;
3). The crushing room use noise arrester to lower noise;
4). Pulley with guards so it is safe and reliable;
5). Clean and insurance;
6). The motor has a protective device and power chain protection system;
7). The using life of the alloy blade is much longer than the ordinary one, moreover. It is very suitable for smashing high-densely plastic.

Technical parameter:



External dimension(mm)


Suggested capacity

Suggested power

capacity and power varies as to

different fruits


All made of sus304 stainless steel
















CPSJ -10




CPSJ -20




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