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Usage: Mainly used on the cocnut milk, pineapple, apple, pear and strawberry etc.During the processing of citrus juice,one of the most important by-products is citrus oil.Citrus peels are rich in citrus essential oils.Citrus essential oil are a large class of natural flavor essential oils.It's main components are terpenes,sesquiterpenes,higher alcohols,aldehydes,ketones,esters and oxygen-containing compounds;Essential citrus oil is colorless and transparent,with an attractive orange scent,has a wide range of application value in the food and cosmetic industries.We specially designed and develped a citrus oil extractor to obtain citrus oil.This machine is also called citrus oil grinding machine of citrus oil milling machine.

Advantages and strong points

The modular oil press includes many new features to improve safety, simplify operation, reduce maintenance and expand connections. It is an integral part of the modern industrial citrus cold pressed essential oil recovery system. The function of the machine is to optimize the primary extraction of high quality essential oils by producing a lighter and cleaner oil emulsion, which is easy to separate and achieve maximum yield. The machine can be electronically adjusted through the processor to adapt to the flow, conditions and characteristics of citrus fruits being processed.

Features and benefits
Compared with the standard extraction process, the oil production quality and yield are improved
It can be electronically adjusted by the processor to adapt to the flow, conditions and characteristics of processed fruits
Network sensors and instruments
Achieve accurate flow and buffer tank level control
Real time weight control in yield monitoring
Local and remote configuration for fast support response
Formulation and data record of main process variables

It is made of sus304 material and has a great performance in oil grinding and high yield rate.It can extract oil from orange,graefruit,lemon,lime,kinnow,mandarin fruit.

Technical parameter:


















When working,the citrus fruits move along the toothed roller axis under the push of the screw.The stainless steel needle drum rotates under the drive of the drive sprocket,so that the fruit in the drum rolls 360 degrees and advances forward.During the scrolling process of the citrus,the stainless steel tooth needle pierces the oil cells,the upper part of the roller is equipped with a stainless steel scraper,which pushes the citrus peel evenly to the discharge port at a low speed.Then use high-pressure water to wash off the orange oil,collect them in the stainless steel tank,and then enter the centrifuge separator to separate the oil,water and pomace.It is widely used in oil grinding conditions of large citrus processing plants.

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