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A butter processing line is a series of machines and equipment used to transform cream into butter. The line typically includes the following steps:

  1. Cream separation: Raw milk is first separated into cream and skim milk. The cream contains the fat necessary for butter production.

  2. Pasteurization: The cream is heated to a specific temperature to kill any harmful bacteria present.

  3. Churning: The cream is agitated vigorously in a churn or separator, causing the fat globules to separate from the liquid phase.

  4. Butter granule formation: As churning continues, the fat globules coalesce and form butter granules.

  5. Butter washing: The butter granules are washed with cold water to remove any remaining milk solids and buttermilk.

  6. Salt addition (optional): In some cases, salt is added to enhance flavor and act as a preservative.

  7. Butter working: The butter is kneaded and worked to distribute the moisture evenly and improve texture.

  8. Packaging: The butter is packaged into blocks, tubs, or rolls for distribution and sale.

Throughout the process, quality control measures such as temperature monitoring, fat content testing, and sensory evaluation are performed to ensure the butter meets the desired standards for taste, texture, and safety.

Butter Processing Line

Butter mixer for mass production: The batch production butter mixer is composed of special-shaped mixing barrel, gear motor with brake, frame, support, safety guardrail, spray device, etc. the mixing barrel is horizontally equipped with stop rod. When the mixing drum rotates, the material will move from the bottom of the drum to the top. Due to its own weight, the material falls freely and collides with the stop rod and barrel wall, and a large amount of cream will be pulled apart and gathered from time to time to achieve the effect of making and mixing butter. Generally speaking, the filling amount of cream in the mixing bucket is about 50% of its total volume. The rotating speed of the mixing drum should not be too fast or too slow. The centrifugal force on the cream during rotation is slightly less than its own gravity, so as to facilitate the production and mixing of cream.

Butter Processing Line

Equipment shape
spherical shape

Triple layers with PU as insulation and dimple pad jacket for heating and cooling

Two agitators,one is for mixing, the other one is for cutting cheese to small pcs
Control type
Temperature auto control panel; Auto discharge whey outlet etc.

Direction for use
1. With jacket for heating and temperature keeping, or cooling to certain temperature for the milk become rigid ;
2. Parts contacting with product are all made of high grade stainless steel, comply with food grade sanitary standard.
3. With temperature control system, auto control the agitator, auto press the cheese to drain the milk whey
4. Evenly cutting and stirring, whey is highly separated.

Butter Processing Line

  • Description of application effect

The cheese machine is a tool that separates the protein in milk (yogurt) from moisture and whey through a strainer to make cheese.
The cheese machine is composed of main unit, cheese rack, inner cover, upper cover and other parts.Milk enters into the vat from the inlet through the filter, they are heated and fermented in the vat, further stirred and cut. Then the whey from fermented milk is discharged from the outlet, the cheese is remained in the vat.

1. Material: SUS304 stainless steel
2. With dimple pad jacket and PU insulation
3. Two agitators, one is for mixing, the other is for cutting cheese into small pieces. Agitators are able to move from one side to the other
4. Temperature automatic control panel, automatic discharge whey outlet
5. The cheese vat platform will be prepared by user;

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