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Spiral pre blanching and boiling machine is a type of equipment used for food processing. It is mainly used in the pre-treatment process of vegetables, fruits, and seafood, where ingredients are immersed in heat and continuously flow through nozzles or sinks, and are cooked for a short period of time. Then, the ingredients are transported out of the machine for subsequent processing or pre blanching. The advantage of the pre blanching machine is that it can quickly and evenly heat and cook the ingredients, while avoiding the problem of overcooking or overheating. It can improve the quality and taste of ingredients, and reduce the time and cost of subsequent processing.

In addition, the spiral pre blanching and boiling machine also has the following characteristics:
1. Adjustable temperature and time: Temperature and time can be adjusted according to the requirements of different ingredients to ensure the best processing effect.
2. Health and safety: Made of stainless steel, it is easy to clean and disinfect, and meets food hygiene standards.
3. Automation control: Adopting advanced automation control systems to achieve programmable operations and improve production efficiency.
4. Multifunctionality: It can adapt to different types and sizes of ingredients, meeting diverse processing needs.

This equipment is mainly used for the whole softening,enzyme killing sterilization and other purposes of various fruit.The materials are fed by spiral rotation,equipped with safety insulation layer,continous cooking by water and the materials are turned out by special turning over scraper.Variable frequency speed control.

Applicable for continuously pre-cooking the fruits and vegetables other the shape is small or the fruits has already been crushed to be small pieces, to enzyme and soften the fruits.All material of the machine is SUS304 stainless steel, feed in by screw, with insulation as protection.Continuously pre-cooking by water soaking, product is discharged by soft scrapper.

Cooking temperature : ≤100℃

Technical Parameter:




External size

















In summary, the spiral pre blanching and boiling machine is an efficient, convenient, and multifunctional device widely used in the pre-treatment process of vegetables, fruits, and seafood products in the food processing industry.

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