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Forced Circulation Evaporator is an evaporation equipment that can efficiently process high concentration solutions. It uses a forced circulation pump to rapidly convection the solution inside the heat exchange tube, in order to improve the evaporation rate and heat transfer effect.

The working principle of the forced circulation evaporator is as follows:
1. After the solution enters the equipment, it undergoes heat exchange through a pre heater and is heated to a temperature close to the boiling point, which helps to improve evaporation efficiency.
2. The pre heated solution enters the main body of the evaporator, where heat exchange occurs with the heat exchange tube on the inner wall of the evaporator. The evaporator is equipped with a forced circulation pump, which can quickly circulate the solution, forming intense convective motion, maintaining good contact between the solution and the surface of the heat exchange tube, and accelerating the heat transfer rate.
3. Due to the action of a forced circulation pump, the solution will continuously circulate in the evaporator, making the evaporation process more uniform and efficient. At the same time, under the action of forced circulation, the solid substances in the solution will also be kept in a suspended state, which is not easy to scale or deposit on the heat exchange surface.

During the evaporation process, the water in the solution gradually evaporates, while the concentrated substance gradually increases. The concentrated solution is ultimately discharged through the outlet at the bottom of the evaporator, while the water vapor generated by evaporation is discharged through the outlet at the top of the evaporator.

The forced circulation evaporator has the following advantages:
1. Efficient and energy-saving: By forced circulation, high-speed heat transfer and evaporation can be achieved at relatively low temperatures, which can significantly improve the thermal energy utilization rate of equipment and reduce energy consumption.
2. Handling high concentration solutions: Due to the strong convective effect, forced circulation evaporators can handle high concentration solutions, especially for viscous or solid particle containing solutions.
3. Strong anti scaling ability: The forced circulation prevents solid substances from scaling and depositing on the surface of the heat exchange tube, which helps to extend the service life of the equipment and reduce the frequency of maintenance and cleaning.

Forced circulation evaporators are widely used in industries such as chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries, playing an important role in processes such as solution concentration and wastewater treatment. Reasonable selection should be made based on factors such as solution characteristics, boiling point temperature, and heat exchange tube material during design to achieve the best operating effect and economic benefits.

Performance characteristics

Beautiful appearance,reasonable design of a full set of system,stable operation,high efficiency and energy saving,low steam consumption;
Concentrain ratio high,forced circulation type,make high viscosity liquid to easy flow for evaporation,short time of concentration.
Special design through simple operation can be switched to change effect,in order to adapt to the production of different products.
Low evaporation temperature,heat is fully utilized,the liquid material is heated gently,suitable for heat-sensitive materials concentration;
Through forced circulation in evaporator,heating evenly in the pipe,high heat transfer coefficient,which can prevent the "dry wall"phenomenon;
Liquid be separated once again after enters the separator,strengthen the separation effect;make the whole device has a wide operating elasticity;
The whole device has compact structure,small occupation area,simple structure and smooth,represent large sets of evaporation equipment development direction;
Continuous feeding,feed liquid level and the required concentration can be controlled;
Evaporation:design according to customer's requirement.

Applicable range
Using of scope:Forced circulation type of single,double,three effect and multi-effect evaporator,suitable for high concentration,high viscosity,containing insoluble solids such as food,pharmaceutical,chemical,biological engineering,environmental engineering,waste recycling and other sectors of the low temperature concentration.

1、Adopts twin effect type,high use factor of steam,low energy consumption;
2、Full closed process,fast and low temperature evaporation,so the nature color and flavor and smell is well remained.
3、Heating fast with high efficiency and strong capability of anti-scaling.
4、Large scale of the concentrate rations the products between the different effects can recycle separately,so the concentrate ratio can be regulated in large scale.

Technical parameter

Evaporation according to the customer need to design

Water evaporation(kg/h)
Steam consumption(t/hr)
Steam pressure(Mpa)
Water evaporation/1 ton steam
External size(Lx W x H)m

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