High efficiency concentration system
High efficiency concentration system
Aug 18, 2021

Scope of application:

Concentration refers to the process of removing water from liquid food by physical methods, and also refers to the operation process of increasing the concentration of solution. The concentration process is widely used in the food processing industry. For the concentration of bone soup, due to its special composition and physicochemical properties, it is necessary to select appropriate concentration equipment for processing. At present, our devices for bone element concentration mainly include external circulation rising film concentrator, external circulation falling film concentrator, plate evaporation concentrator, steam recompression concentrator and membrane concentrator, but most of these devices have problems such as large steam emission and material running in the application process. Through the previous technical research, this project puts forward the high-efficiency concentration technology, which takes livestock and poultry bone as raw material, and uses modern membrane technology, MVR and other technologies to realize the separation and concentration of bone extract to produce high value-added bone products.

Performance characteristics:

1. The whole system has reasonable and beautiful design, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, and low steam consumption;
2. Large concentration ratio, forced circulation, so that the liquid with high viscosity is easy to flow and evaporate, and the concentration time is short;
3. The special design can realize the switching effect through simple operation, so as to adapt to the production of different products;
4. The evaporation temperature is low, the heat is fully utilized, and the feed liquid is heated gently, which is suitable for the concentration of heat sensitive materials;
5. Through forced circulation, the evaporator is heated evenly in the tube with high heat transfer coefficient, which can prevent the phenomenon of "dry wall";
6. The feed liquid enters the separator for separation, which strengthens the separation effect and makes the whole equipment have greater operation flexibility;
7. The whole set of equipment has compact structure, small floor area and simple and smooth layout, which represents the development direction of large-scale complete set of evaporation equipment;
8. Continuous feeding and discharging, and automatic control of feed liquid level and required concentration can be realized;

9. Evaporation capacity is designed according to customer needs.

technological process:
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